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Whole30: Day6/30

Well I’m writing this from Day7 as yesterday was just a good day to get some work in and spend the evening with my lovely wife.

We went last night to San Tan Brewery.  If you’re in the area, it’s a great brewpub. Now of course I didn’t have any of their beer, but it’s very very good!  Their food, while not strictly paleo, is also awesome!  I made the best of the situation, and somehow avoided even having a NorCal Margarita, which they do pretty well there.  I did have a bunless cheeseless burger and a salad, and some corn tortilla chips with their guacamole that’s quite tasty.

Sleep: 12 hours!  Yeah after a week of travel and crap sleep it was time to get back on the only timezone that matters Mountain Standard Time!  Here in AZ we don’t do that silly day light savings time thing and since I was born and raised here, I’ve got not taste for it.

For lunch yesterday I was invited to go out to a Caribbean place called Ocean Blue. I had braised oxtail and curry goat with some fried plantains and some steamed veggies.  I cannot begin to tell you not only how good a place this is, but even more than that, it’s pretty paleo.  I am working on getting some more information on the food specifically to make sure that it’s not got wheat or other grain thickeners in the sauces, but at first blush it does not and it’s awesome!


  • M1: Large Americano (espresso and hot water) with heavy cream.
  • M2: Curry goat and oxtail with fried plantains.
  • M3: Bunless burger, corn tortilla chips, salad, guacamole.


  • Obviously I’m not doing 100% on my dairy avoidance as heavy cream in my coffee is proving hard to shake.  I recall a comment once from Mellisa of the Whole9 crew that it was easiest to just drop coffee so as to avoid the cream and sugar that so often come with.  Short of going to proper espresso I may just have to ween myself off the coffee entirely.  I do have a bit of caffeine love and without the heavy cream it just isn’t as good.


  • The near perfect experience at Ocean Blue has made me think that there may be room for a “self disclosure” system that help restauranteurs who are not so paleo aware but interested in reaching out to knowledgable customers who are looking for the benefits of a paleo lifestyle.  I am going to try to engage “Paleo Approved” on this subject.

Is 2011 when the rEvolution happens?

For those friends of mine who’ve been forced to sit through one of my monologues about Paleo nutrition or my views on physical training with looks ranging from boredom to downright indignation, to you I say, “get with the trend.”

According to Outside magazine, Paleo fitness is the number one health and fitness trend of 2010.  I’m not one to give Outside too much credit as I tend think they’re wrong about a lot…except when they agree with me.

It will be interesting to see if a movement based in principles will take hold.  Ralph Waldo Emerson is attributed with the following regarding the value of principles.

As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.

This is, to me, why evolutionary fitness as a lifestyle, fitness methodology, hobby, etc. is different from so many fads before it.  While money is being made, methods are not being sold, rather principles are being discussed and cultivated.  The value isn’t in the list of “Top 10 Fat Burning Secrets of the Stars!” it’s in the logical framework of evolutionary health and fitness and the scientific method.  This is why 2011 might be when the rEvolution happens, not when Paleo/EF fades into the annals of faddom.

I’ll admit that in a jealous way, I wish it had all stayed underground and I got to maintain my counterculture status.  With that said, I can only hope that all the health benefits of EF find its way to the ailing American public.

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Doing, it’s what’s for breakfast.

Believe it or not, actually got up before breakfast and made something of the morning.  Sadly, not too much since then other than a wonderful breakfast of sausage & eggs with coffee, coconut milk and heavy cream.  Trying to ween myself off the heavy cream with my homemade coconut milk.  Before breakfast however, was the good bits.

Similar to my workout two days ago, there was a focus on shoulder stability and strength as well as working on squat form and a little strength.  This is in support of my current 3mo physical goals of a free handstand on paralletes, climbing 5.10b’s (gym rated), and get my waist below 33″.

  • ~1 Mile warmup jog w/ Dog
  • 5 Sets
    • Pushups (10x)
    • 95lb back squats (5x)
    • 15 count handstand
    • 45lb military press (5x)
    • Ring Pullups (5x)

After all that I abused myself a little further with some myofascial release with a little lacrosse ball that makes my eye’s water.  Look up Kelly Starett if you want a little guidance on how to self abuse for better mobility and reduced soreness the next day.

Go, do, be.

Sometimes it’s just time to do it.

December 21, 2010 1 comment

I recently watched a short interview with Ido Portal in which he made the following statement about one of his trips through the US:

I’ve seen people obsessed with acquiring knowledge, but not really using it. … Somtimes its just time to do it.

I can, sadly, count myself among those, despite the fact that I’ve never met Ido. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find his physical abilities are insane.

Fortunately, before I saw this interview I had already gone out and done it.  This morning I woke up and took a quick jog with the dog and despite a delay with dog poop I made it a mile in a little over 9 minutes.  Now I don’t run as an end goal, it was just a warmup so I’m not looking to go longer or get faster with that.

What I was looking to get better at is my strength and mobility.  So I did 5 trips through a circuit of the following: (at a leisurely pace I’ll point out)

  • 15 count (~seconds) tuck sits on parallettes
  • 10 reps “air” squats focusing on form and maintaining lumbar curve
  • 15 count handstands on the wall focusing on hollowing out my body position
  • 5 reps of 95lb deadlifts focusing on form and keeping my back position locked
  • 5 reps of tuck pullups on the rings

This was actually quite taxing, and having done it on an empty stomach I followed it up with a hearty breakfast of sausage and eggs.  Thursday I’m going to get out and do another workout, which I haven’t yet planned but it will be similar.  I’m hoping this will get my shoulders stable enough to endure rock climbing again in the new year.  Also I need to get my back strength up and improve my thoracic mobility as I know I’d be in bad shape trying an overhead squat right now.

May you get out there and do it too!

Mobility WOD

If you’re in the world of Crossfit you probably know who one Kelly Starret is.  If you don’t, let him make you a better human.  Start at the beginning and work it!

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CNU’s Training For The Week Ahead

Sunday (8-15): Long sunrise hike in the moutains with the dog.  The farmer’s market is just a few miles from the trailhead so this should be a good Sunday morning ritual!  See how the puppies paws hold up to the trail.

Monday (8-16): Mile morning run with the dog, 4 rounds of 20 abmat situps on the evening.  Seems light, but last weeks toes to rings are still hurting CNUs abs, so I want to make sure he’s useful for the rest of the week.

Tuesday (8-17): Mile morning walk, heavy deadlifts in the evening, planned max of 220lb for 2 reps, 10lb higher than last week.

Wednesday (8-18): Mile morning run, evening workout; slow light squat, situp couplet (3 rounds 20 situps, 15 squats (95lb)).  The purpose is two fold, one to keep good movement and work out any soreness from Tuesday and keep the total volume up.

Thursday (8-19): Mile morning walk, evening light overhead press, 4 rounds 20 reps, bar only.  This is to work on stabilizing CNUs shoulders to help reduce chances of future injury during rock climbing.

Friday (8-20): Mile morning run.

Of nutrition, commitment, and progress.

August 14, 2010 1 comment

Commitment is a quality I admire.  With the exception of my wife and job, I have committed to very little with success.  One might say that a wife and serious professional undertaking are no mean feats.  They both depend on me in some way or another and that is the secret to my success.  You can rely on me…I cannot rely on me as much.  So, despite my track record, I’m going to jump in with both feet on the next layer in my self-administered life coaching: Strict Nutrition

My nutritional protocol will be a hybrid of paleo, primal, caveman, hunter-gatherer etc.  I’ll call it paleo, but that’s certainly an umbrella that covers many unique schools of thought.  My protocol will be defined as follows:

Standard Paleo

  • No grains.  Not just gluten grains, but no grains of any kind.  Pseudo-grains like Quinoa are also not allowed.
  • No legumes.  No beans, no bean products especially soy and it’s derivatives.
  • Grass-fed ruminant meat.  Beef, goat, sheep.
  • Wild-caught seafood.
  • No seed oils (canola, corn, soy, etc).

TRB Paleo:  These are my personally decided allowances.

  • Grass-fed butter; only allowed dairy, in small to moderate quantities.  This is to get more vitamin K2 in my diet.
  • Conventional Pork and Chicken.  I have nothing good to say about the conventional method used in raising these creatures nor the resultant nutritive qualities, just that I cannot get/afford anything else right now.
  • Fish oil, vitamin D, and magnesium supplementation.  The fish oil is to help balance the Omega-6 content in the pork and chicken.  The VitaminD is to make up for the lack of sun exposure (9-5 indoor job).  The magnesium is to help support good quality sleep.  Supplementation of any and all may be reduced or eliminated by improving food sources (fish oil), completing body fat reduction (fish oil), increasing sun exposure (VD) and increasing veggie intake (magnesium).
  • Keeping carbohydrate intake low.  Low carb diets are healthy and help to reduce body fat and lower insulin levels.
  • No caffeine.  This is going to SUCK like no ones business, but I think it will help improve my sleep quality in the long run.
  • Count calories.  I have a pretty long history of binge eating, so counting my calories is important.  If you have ANY history of or proclivity for eating disorders be VERY careful with rigorous nutritional protocols!  I can over eat very easily and will even tend to, so it’s necessary for me to be keep an eye on what I’m taking in.

Progress So Far

In the two weeks I’ve been tracking my (CNU’s) training I’ve seen no statistically significant weight or body fat loss.  That’s not too surprising as I’ve been eating a lot and only being “ok” with my food quality.  I wanted to get a good start at things before I layered on the extra work and focus of strict nutrition.

I did not do any climbing this week due to my shoulder hurting last week.  I’ve made the mistake in the past of getting back at it far too soon and having to be off for a month.  I’m going to add in some training work this week that will help support rehab of the shoulder.

Going Forward

There will be a forthcoming post regarding the week ahead and what I come up with on the diet front.  I’ll tell you what I’m eating so you might get some ideas on the what’s and how’s.  Before that I am going to get out a post on physical training in the week ahead.