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Paleo Eats: Episode 2 “Coconut Milk”

Episode 2 sings the praises of the healthful nut, that isn’t a nut at all, but rather a drupe, similar to a peach.  Coconut’s are the fruit of the coconut palm and are chock full of compounds which are good for your health.

Here are some resources I mention in the episode.

Mary Enig’s article on the health benefits of coconut. Mary’s lengthy paper makes a laundry list of the benefits of coconut products and gives a brief history of the misguided and incorrect anti-saturated fat movement.  The last 8 pages are to references that one can look through for more details on source material and research.

So everyone knows saturated fats are bad right?  As far back as 2004, this was recognized to be unproven.

Infants may receive some protection from infection by the ingestion of medium chain tryglycerides.

Another piece by Mary Enig on the antiviral effects of Lauric Acid.

In vitro study of the positive effects of lauric and capric acids on Candida albicans, responsible for thrush and yeast infections.

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Paleo Eats: Episode 1

Ok, so I had this idea the other day to start YouTube based Paleo cooking show.  I had visions of grandeur for the first episode, and then on a complete last second whim, we just filmed dinner and called it episode 1.  I do plan on moving more in the direction of my inspiration (Good Eats) as time goes by.  This was more just a fun little experiment.

Well, just know for now, that I intend to do better as time goes by!

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