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Doing, it’s what’s for breakfast.

Believe it or not, actually got up before breakfast and made something of the morning.  Sadly, not too much since then other than a wonderful breakfast of sausage & eggs with coffee, coconut milk and heavy cream.  Trying to ween myself off the heavy cream with my homemade coconut milk.  Before breakfast however, was the good bits.

Similar to my workout two days ago, there was a focus on shoulder stability and strength as well as working on squat form and a little strength.  This is in support of my current 3mo physical goals of a free handstand on paralletes, climbing 5.10b’s (gym rated), and get my waist below 33″.

  • ~1 Mile warmup jog w/ Dog
  • 5 Sets
    • Pushups (10x)
    • 95lb back squats (5x)
    • 15 count handstand
    • 45lb military press (5x)
    • Ring Pullups (5x)

After all that I abused myself a little further with some myofascial release with a little lacrosse ball that makes my eye’s water.  Look up Kelly Starett if you want a little guidance on how to self abuse for better mobility and reduced soreness the next day.

Go, do, be.


Mobility WOD

If you’re in the world of Crossfit you probably know who one Kelly Starret is.  If you don’t, let him make you a better human.  Start at the beginning and work it!

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