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Whole 30: Day 10

Phew, today I got it back together, and I’m prepped for tomorrow.

Sleep: 8.5+hours

Fitness: 1.5mile VFF run with the dog.

Food: M1: Eggs, sausage & Coffee.  M2: Double meat salad with guacamole from Chipotle.  M3: Sauted roots and veggies.  M4: Beef & Broccoli with guacamole and some dark chocolate covered almonds.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


Whole 30: Day 9/30

Whole30: Day6/30

Well I’m writing this from Day7 as yesterday was just a good day to get some work in and spend the evening with my lovely wife.

We went last night to San Tan Brewery.  If you’re in the area, it’s a great brewpub. Now of course I didn’t have any of their beer, but it’s very very good!  Their food, while not strictly paleo, is also awesome!  I made the best of the situation, and somehow avoided even having a NorCal Margarita, which they do pretty well there.  I did have a bunless cheeseless burger and a salad, and some corn tortilla chips with their guacamole that’s quite tasty.

Sleep: 12 hours!  Yeah after a week of travel and crap sleep it was time to get back on the only timezone that matters Mountain Standard Time!  Here in AZ we don’t do that silly day light savings time thing and since I was born and raised here, I’ve got not taste for it.

For lunch yesterday I was invited to go out to a Caribbean place called Ocean Blue. I had braised oxtail and curry goat with some fried plantains and some steamed veggies.  I cannot begin to tell you not only how good a place this is, but even more than that, it’s pretty paleo.  I am working on getting some more information on the food specifically to make sure that it’s not got wheat or other grain thickeners in the sauces, but at first blush it does not and it’s awesome!


  • M1: Large Americano (espresso and hot water) with heavy cream.
  • M2: Curry goat and oxtail with fried plantains.
  • M3: Bunless burger, corn tortilla chips, salad, guacamole.


  • Obviously I’m not doing 100% on my dairy avoidance as heavy cream in my coffee is proving hard to shake.  I recall a comment once from Mellisa of the Whole9 crew that it was easiest to just drop coffee so as to avoid the cream and sugar that so often come with.  Short of going to proper espresso I may just have to ween myself off the coffee entirely.  I do have a bit of caffeine love and without the heavy cream it just isn’t as good.


  • The near perfect experience at Ocean Blue has made me think that there may be room for a “self disclosure” system that help restauranteurs who are not so paleo aware but interested in reaching out to knowledgable customers who are looking for the benefits of a paleo lifestyle.  I am going to try to engage “Paleo Approved” on this subject.

Whole30: Day5/30

Airplane travel is a torture all it’s own.  My back is sore, I’m exhausted and my nutritional resolve broke down some.  Fortunately, I stayed away from the burger king visions that floated through my head.  I made it home from the airport after waking up at 2:30 and traveling for about 10 hours.  I had a bit of a dairy and carb binge…but it’s not about the last step….it’s about the next.

Sleep: ~5.5 hours


  • M1: Eggs, bacon, sausage, & coffee with half & half
  • M2: Chicken, seaweed salad, cheese, blue corn chips and salsa, chocolate (85% Trader Joe’s brand….which is glorious!), banana.

Now, lots of water, and a ton of sleep to get back on the plan!

Whole 30: Day 4/30

First, I got to spend about 25 minutes in the Udvar Hazy annex of the Smithosonian Air & Space Museum yesterday.  I was fortunate enough to see one winged rocket that’s special to me AND the Enola Freakin’ Gay!  For those who don’t know, this is the B-29 that dropped the first atomic bomb.  Now while this is not an historical moment to celebrate, it’s certainly historically significant.  Anyway, here’s some crappy cell phone pics.

Sadly today I had a very long (12hour) meeting today, but I did avoid (almost) all the “goodies”.  I did dip into a couple diet cokes after lunch.  I was able to avoid the very tasty looking pizza though.  Since this whole deal started early this morning (and I’m on the wrong damn time zone) my sleep wasn’t as long as it should have been…I tend to stay up too late in hotels.

Sleep: 6.5hours


  • M1: 1.5cups of coffee (little half & half), ham & sausage omellete, melon, bacon, more sausage and more eggs.
  • M2: jerky, chilli, hamburger (meat only), chicken
  • M3: Rockfish, asparagus, salad

Fitness: ~300m in the pool and Mobility WOD #6.

How things going for you?

Whole30: Day 3/30

Two steps forward, one step back. I went out for a lunch with some coworkers today and I thought the waiters description of the panfried fresh fish with mashed cualiflower sounded perfect!  I was pretty pleased with this offering…until it arrived…and the fish was breaded.The moral?  always ask. 

In fact I should have had the guts to send it back.  “Fortunately” tomorrows work provided lunch is pizza.  Why fortunate?  I’ll have my own lunch to bring in a chow down, not something that’s too socially acceptable at restaurants. I also have not been getting much exercise in, though I’ve been able to keep up with the daily mobility WODs.

Sleep: 7.5hours (damn jet lag)


  • M1: eggs, bacon, sausage & coffee
  • M2: breaded flounder with mashed cualiflower and asparus
  • M3: beef jerky and chilli
  • M4: 2x scoth & soda, chicken salad, hamburger

Fitness: Mobility WOD #5

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiam.” – Winston Churchill

Whole30: Day 2/30

Well let no one ever say I shy away from a challenge.  All to often it’s not to my benefit, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  As I write this I find myself traveling, I am in fact sitting in the Denver International Airport getting ready to start the second leg of a cross country trip.  Now traveling can be a major difficulty when trying to stick to a diet, and for even the most rigorous paleo adherents many undesirable ingredients can sneak there way in.  Also sitting in an aluminum tube for hours at a shot and having no room to move is a special misery all it’s own.  At 6’3″ I am not built for traveling in the modern ways.

So, what am I doing about it? First, here’s a little something you should know when it comes to the TSA: YOU CAN BRING FOOD THROUGH THE SECURITY CHECKPOINT.  This is an important point to make as I have stocked up and brought a large insulated bag with a frozen ice pack.  The only thing I will point out…make sure it’s frozen.  This is important if you’ve got 6+ hours of plane travel ahead of you.  In addition there is a prohibition on liquids and gels.  When frozen solid, your cold pack is a solid, not a liquid or gel.  I have packed a lot of food: 3 servings of chilli, cooked chicken, cooked hamburger, some homemade chicken salad, a big bag of homemade beef jerky, and some seaweed salad.  This food will likely last me 4 days (my hotel will have a mini fridge).  While it’s possible to make less bad choices when eating out on travel, having this back stop of a pantry with me makes all the difference and removes many easy excuses.

Sleep: 6.5 hours previous night.


  • M1: Pork sausage and hardboiled egg
  • M2: Grande americano with heavy whipping cream (I screwed up and forgot my coconut oil at home!)
  • M3: Beef jerky (homemade).
  • M4: Melon, 1 oz bourbon (tisk tisk tisk) grilled chicken w/honey mustard and a salad with vinegrette.
  • M5: Chilli, beef jerky, hamburger, chicken salad, seaweed salad.


  • Take some time if you have a lay over to really open up your hips (see Mobility Wod #4 again).  The numeric separators at southwest gates make a great place to do this and make the long hours of sitting somewhat more bearable.


  • Traveling is tough, and the pressure of expectations of those around you.  Sadly no one I work with has ever heard of Paleo  or evolutionary fitness so the expectations for dinner aren’t quite up to snuff.  The tough thing going forward is being strong enough to bow out of dinner most nights
  • Getting enough food in me earlier in the day would probably have minized my big time eating later in the day (M5)
  • If you’re like me and have a tough time saying no to things you shouldn’t have or just over eating, control your environment to avoid things that lead you astray.  To get all biblical “if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away.” (Matthew 5:30)