Whole 30: Day 4/30

First, I got to spend about 25 minutes in the Udvar Hazy annex of the Smithosonian Air & Space Museum yesterday.  I was fortunate enough to see one winged rocket that’s special to me AND the Enola Freakin’ Gay!  For those who don’t know, this is the B-29 that dropped the first atomic bomb.  Now while this is not an historical moment to celebrate, it’s certainly historically significant.  Anyway, here’s some crappy cell phone pics.

Sadly today I had a very long (12hour) meeting today, but I did avoid (almost) all the “goodies”.  I did dip into a couple diet cokes after lunch.  I was able to avoid the very tasty looking pizza though.  Since this whole deal started early this morning (and I’m on the wrong damn time zone) my sleep wasn’t as long as it should have been…I tend to stay up too late in hotels.

Sleep: 6.5hours


  • M1: 1.5cups of coffee (little half & half), ham & sausage omellete, melon, bacon, more sausage and more eggs.
  • M2: jerky, chilli, hamburger (meat only), chicken
  • M3: Rockfish, asparagus, salad

Fitness: ~300m in the pool and Mobility WOD #6.

How things going for you?

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