Whole30: Day 1/30

Well here is my first daily post of my attempt at the whole30.

  • Sleep(night prior): ~7.5 hours
  • Meal 1: Sausage & eggs and coffee with a little coconut oil.
  • Meal 2: Omelette with ham bacon and mushrooms, fruit.
  • Meal 3: Chicken breast & seaweed salad.
  • Meal 4: Meaty texas style chilli & some beef jerky
  • Exercise: 1.5mile vibram five fingers and MobilityWod #4


  • If you want to try coconut oil in your coffee make sure it is something as good as tropical traditions gold label that actually tastes like coconut, otherwise it’ll just be greasy coffee.
  • Meal 2 was an example of dealing with eating out. Made a trip out for breakfast with my dad and was completely able to stay on plan (ignoring the quality of the ingredients and vegetable oil).  Got fruit instead of pancakes and skipped the hashbrowns on my plate.
  • The seaweed salad is from Azuma I got at Costco, good stuff!!
  • For recipes on the meaty chilli and beef jerky, see upcoming Paleo Eats episode.


  • Still a little hungry at the end of the day and craving sugar and cheese.  Finished my last meal about 6pm and just made my way on water.  Hopefully the carb cravings won’t last too long….but I’ve got my doubts.
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