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Give it my all: Go Whole30 or shut the hell up

As I’ve admitted to before, I’ve never done the Whole30.  Either per the dogma of the always awesome “Whole9 Hartwigs” or any other rubric.  So, I’m finally going to get my ass in gear, get serious and even be so bold as to post real time daily successes.  If failures were a possibility, I guess I’d post those too.

I have evangelized to so many so often that I am a walking contradiction (hypocrite) when, all too often, I fail to meet the standards I set for a healthy, appropriate and reasonable lifestyle.  So, I’ve either got to live it, or shut the hell up.  Those who know me know well that I’m not likely to actually shut up, so I’ve got little choice.

While it’s not the only protocol out there and there are many just as good and possibly more appropriate for different situations, I’ve chosen Whole9’s Whole30.  The highlights are as follows:

  • No sugar or other sweeteners
  • No processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No grains
  • No legumes
  • No dairy
  • No white potatoes

In addition to dietary “no’s” I’m going to try to get 9+ hours of sleep every night.  In addition I am going to keep caffeine to one cup of coffee a day with the intent to taper down through the 30 days to no caffeine. In addition I’m going to try to get some physical activity every day.

So starting tomorrow (April 10th 2011) I’m starting my first round of the the Whole3o.

So my beginning stats as of April 9th are 228lb & 43″ at the umbilicus.  You’ll hear a lot more from me as I go…every freakin’ day in fact; oooh this is going to get me hidden off many a Facebook news feed.

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