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Sometimes it’s just time to do it.

I recently watched a short interview with Ido Portal in which he made the following statement about one of his trips through the US:

I’ve seen people obsessed with acquiring knowledge, but not really using it. … Somtimes its just time to do it.

I can, sadly, count myself among those, despite the fact that I’ve never met Ido. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find his physical abilities are insane.

Fortunately, before I saw this interview I had already gone out and done it.  This morning I woke up and took a quick jog with the dog and despite a delay with dog poop I made it a mile in a little over 9 minutes.  Now I don’t run as an end goal, it was just a warmup so I’m not looking to go longer or get faster with that.

What I was looking to get better at is my strength and mobility.  So I did 5 trips through a circuit of the following: (at a leisurely pace I’ll point out)

  • 15 count (~seconds) tuck sits on parallettes
  • 10 reps “air” squats focusing on form and maintaining lumbar curve
  • 15 count handstands on the wall focusing on hollowing out my body position
  • 5 reps of 95lb deadlifts focusing on form and keeping my back position locked
  • 5 reps of tuck pullups on the rings

This was actually quite taxing, and having done it on an empty stomach I followed it up with a hearty breakfast of sausage and eggs.  Thursday I’m going to get out and do another workout, which I haven’t yet planned but it will be similar.  I’m hoping this will get my shoulders stable enough to endure rock climbing again in the new year.  Also I need to get my back strength up and improve my thoracic mobility as I know I’d be in bad shape trying an overhead squat right now.

May you get out there and do it too!

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