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The art of doing.

I love research.  It’s like window shopping.  You can buy anything you want in your head and you can imagine how much you’d love having it, without any of the commitment or credit card bills.  Like I said in a post back on the 21st, it’s easy to get into paralysis by analysis.  On that vein I came by way of this article by Lyle McDonald I thought was a good rehash of that point.

Make 2011 a year of doing.

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A chilly day of hiking and snow in the desert!

December 31, 2010 1 comment

I’ve been to the top of Camelback a number of times over the years, and this is for sure the first time it snowed on me!  It wasn’t enough to accumulate, but it was still snow for sure.  The trip up the Cholla route left me absolutely spent for the rest of the day, and my knees are feeling it even the day after.

Camelback isn’t a route I’d normally do seeing as it’s often the playground for the unprepared and the many.  It reminded me though that I’ve not been pushing my comfort levels and boundaries at all.  While I think it’s pretty often people go out to hard too soon when getting back into working out and some folks just go nuts and work out too much under the assumption that more effort yields more results.

Sadly I’m not generally prone to overtraining, I’m much more prone to undertraining or just not training.  So this hike was a great reminder for me to program in some things farther out of my comfort zone.

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Another day’s work.

Once again, getting after my workout today and Monday.

This week’s workouts were a shorter 3 round setup than last week’s 5 rounders.  For this reason I tried to up the intensity to match.


  • 20 Count Tuck Sits
  • 5 Rep 135lb Deadlifts
  • 20 Count Planks
  • 20 Count Wall Handstands
  • 5 Rep Pullups w/ 5lb weight


  • 25 Count Tuck Sits
  • 5 Rep Psuedo Handstand Pushups
  • 5 Rep 135lb Squats
  • 5 Rep Pullups with 7.5lb weight
  • 25 Count Handstands

From some video of my squats and deadlifts it’s plain to see that my hip ROM is in need of some work and so I’ll be adding in some goodies from Kelly Starret’s Mobility WOD.

Good times!

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There’s good hiking in Deem der hills.

Went for an excellent hike today up in the hills in the north valley.  There’s a relatively new park called “Deem Hills”.  (33.727704°N, -112.16673°W).  If you’re up in the area I’d recommend it.  Let me know if you go and enjoy it as much as I did.  Always remember the rules of the trail, give way to the person going up hill, say hello, and don’t be a jerk.

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The beauty of desert living.

When the summer comes and it’s 1billion degrees out I will look back on the times me and the pooch can stroll through the hills and bask in the sun so very fondly.

Kai, dog of the hills. So may the cool weather of the holidays find you in good spirits and bring you some good adventures.

Also, don’t forget, dogs are way paleo, so get you a good mutt and share the out of doors!

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That which is worth doing is worth loving.

As we approach a new year, I, like many people, find themselves asking if next year will be better than the last.  Many will set for themselves abstract resolutions for the new year that will fade out of memory.  I’ve failed more goals more times than I can count; and thats not hyperbole.  I have a new resolution every 15 minutes or so, and each one goes forgotten or lost to a new one.  Why?

It’s been said we should go after that which we love doing.  What do you LOVE?  I love my family, but that doesn’t lead me right away to goal setting.  What else do I love?  I’ll be honest, I’m stumped on that question.  If I take on the question of, “If money were no object how would you spend the next week?” I’m just damned flummoxed.  I doubt I’m unique in this regard.  In fact I think anyone who’s prone to failure in achieving goals has a similar problem.  Those who have deep passions and are monomaniacal in their devotion to those passions don’t forget about them and the goals they set for themselves.  So, what’s a passionless milquetoast to do?  Anything!

We must treat ourselves like children; as we haven’t really figured out what we want to do when we grow up.  The first step, is to realize that we often have fleeting love of the idea of ourselves doing a thing.  For instance, I see a guy climbing a huge piece of granite in Yosemite and I imagine myself doing the same.  Now, I COULD do that.  That is years of time, money, sacrifice, and possibly unparalleled enjoyment.  I’m probably not going to do it; I’m old enough to know that of myself.  So the first step, allow yourself to be possessed by the passion of an idea, then take it to it’s simplest extreme.  Using my example here, I’d say that going to an indoor rock climbing gym and signing up for a class would be my goal.  This is pretty damn easy.  If you see the Blue Angels and think, “I want to fly like that!”, then go to your local flight school and sign up for an intro flight.  They are usually pretty reasonable at $100 or so.

Now, if you’re like me you might just find that you do that, you put your toe in and like the water, but two days later you’re taken by a new idea.  Let it take you, but not too far.  Let life be about doing, even if in the most meager ways.  Most things won’t stick, and some things may only stick so much and for so long…so what.  Much like the girlfriend at summer camp, most passions are fleeting, existing only in their context.  So, let passion take you, but give it it’s due.

Give up your planning, get with your doing, but let your doing be small.  Many a first date leads to a second, but many fewer lead to a life long marriage.  Let your passions lead to doingand you may find a love.

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Doing, it’s what’s for breakfast.

Believe it or not, actually got up before breakfast and made something of the morning.  Sadly, not too much since then other than a wonderful breakfast of sausage & eggs with coffee, coconut milk and heavy cream.  Trying to ween myself off the heavy cream with my homemade coconut milk.  Before breakfast however, was the good bits.

Similar to my workout two days ago, there was a focus on shoulder stability and strength as well as working on squat form and a little strength.  This is in support of my current 3mo physical goals of a free handstand on paralletes, climbing 5.10b’s (gym rated), and get my waist below 33″.

  • ~1 Mile warmup jog w/ Dog
  • 5 Sets
    • Pushups (10x)
    • 95lb back squats (5x)
    • 15 count handstand
    • 45lb military press (5x)
    • Ring Pullups (5x)

After all that I abused myself a little further with some myofascial release with a little lacrosse ball that makes my eye’s water.  Look up Kelly Starett if you want a little guidance on how to self abuse for better mobility and reduced soreness the next day.

Go, do, be.