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Day 7: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

I’ll admit it, Halloween was not my finest day.  When you’re neighbor walks up with a bottle of 21 year old single malt, you get a glass.  What goes great with single malt scotch?  A cigar.  What goes great with all that?  Halloween candy.

I’m not proud, but back on the horse I go today.  In fact this week I’m going to try to work towards a new phase in my 30 day challenge: Ketosis.  I’ve decided to go ketogenic in an attempt to lower my body fat in reasonably short order.  I’ve got some things planned for next year and I told myself I would have to get rid of this gut before I could do that.  So it’s time to get serious and I think a Ketogenic diet is the path that I’m going to take.

So this will challenge me in some new ways.  The caffeine is still leaving a little hollow spot inside my head, but I’m hoping to make it through without lapsing back to that lovely liquid that is coffee.  So for the week (before last night) I was down 5 lbs for the week.  That’s probably water, but I need to step up the fat loss so it’s time to serious!