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Day 2: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

So Day 2 is here and I won’t lie, it’s been tough.  I find I’ve been pretty hungry.  I’ve been dealing with some mild headaches due, I think, to the caffeine withdrawals.  Also I find that some times I get sort of antsy and have a desire for something…but I can’t put my finger on what it is.  I’m guessing it’s a mix of habit and a change in hormones which is making things a little tough.

I have eaten out a couple times and found that I’ve been able to keep pretty strict, but there have been some slip ups.  Tonight I got a Caesar salad, forgetting that the dressing and the cheese were both off the menu.  Yesterday I got some machaca con huevos (mexican beef with eggs) and it had some onions and peppers.  The onions and peppers are totally paleo but I’m trying to keep them out as part of my personal challenge as I’ve mentioned.  The simple story is making all you eat.  For me it’s the social aspect of getting out of the office, but that’s no excuse.

So tomorrow we’ll all try to be closer to the ideal we set for our personal challenge.

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