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Coleslaw with pickled radishes

Coleslaw with pickled radishes:

Part of the paleo approach is eating with the seasons. This isn’t a requirement, but always a nice to have. This helps keep variety in our diets and keep us from loading up too much on any one food source. This recipe uses all items in season in October in Arizona.

Note: I don’t measure so hopefully you know what you like and how much of stuff to use.

Basic coleslaw mix:


– Green Cabbage 1 head with core removed

– Carrots

– Celery

– Red Bell Pepper (caution this is a nightshade so you’ll want to omit if you’re avoiding them as part of your challenge)

Take these ingredients and put them through a food processor, mandolin or a knife and cut into little strips. You’ve seen coleslaw before right?


Dressing (this is homemade mayonnaise):

– Egg yolks

– Juice of about half a lime or lemon

– Olive oil

This is done with a food processor, or with a wire whisk and bowl if you’re hardcore. Take the egg yolks (I used 2 yolks for one cabbage heads worth of coleslaw) add the juice and mix together. Don’t need to go crazy, just a few pulses in your food processor if you have one. If you don’t have a food processor this part is tough. With your food processor spinning away (or with your whisk is hand stirring away) very slowly stream in the olive oil. The oil should not be seen pooling it should fold in almost immediately. You’ll keep adding oil until the mixture has a mayo like consistency. BE CAREFUL if you mix too long or add too much oil, the mayo will separate and that is really uncool. I then throw in salt, pepper, garlic or whatever dry spice suits me. Experiment, enjoy.

Radish Pickles:

– Radishes, sliced

– Green onions (scallions)

This is just a simple quick pickle and way to add something zippy to such ingredients like radishes. Take the sliced radishes and onions in a bowl and liberally apply salt, kosher preferably. Let them sit for about an hour. Then drain off most of the excess water that will come out due to the salting. Don’t squeeze them or rinse them, just dump out the water in the bottom of the bowl. Then add white (or other) vinegar to cover. Let those sit for a few hours or overnight.

Mix all the parts together and enjoy. This does get better with a night in the fridge, like fresh salsa.


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