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Day 3: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

October 29, 2010 1 comment

Well, it appears I am most completely on my own in this challenge.  I haven’t had a single person comment anywhere about anything, even the person I was giving up the nightshades and onions for hasn’t said a word.  So the nightshades and onions are back in, hooooray salsa!

So I’m going to keep making these posts.  The only thing I can do is come out the other side and see how it works for me.  Hopefully I’ll have a smaller gut and I can say I told you so.


Day 2: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

So Day 2 is here and I won’t lie, it’s been tough.  I find I’ve been pretty hungry.  I’ve been dealing with some mild headaches due, I think, to the caffeine withdrawals.  Also I find that some times I get sort of antsy and have a desire for something…but I can’t put my finger on what it is.  I’m guessing it’s a mix of habit and a change in hormones which is making things a little tough.

I have eaten out a couple times and found that I’ve been able to keep pretty strict, but there have been some slip ups.  Tonight I got a Caesar salad, forgetting that the dressing and the cheese were both off the menu.  Yesterday I got some machaca con huevos (mexican beef with eggs) and it had some onions and peppers.  The onions and peppers are totally paleo but I’m trying to keep them out as part of my personal challenge as I’ve mentioned.  The simple story is making all you eat.  For me it’s the social aspect of getting out of the office, but that’s no excuse.

So tomorrow we’ll all try to be closer to the ideal we set for our personal challenge.

Day 1: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

October 27, 2010 2 comments

Day 1! How’d your day 1 go? Did you stick with it? How was it? Post something to give everyone, me included, some help in keeping after it!

Personally I’ve been having it easy keeping out of the traditional Paleo diet items to avoid; grains, legumes, and dairy.  The tough part has been avoiding a few items I’ve thrown in for personal reasons; nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant) and onions.  I am trying to keep after it, but I never noticed how much of those I ate!  Now I don’t want anyone to think they need to avoid these, I am doing it in support of a friend who’s allergic to these, who I promised I would go day for day with if she gave up the grains, legumes and dairy.

The caffeine cut has been tough too, but not as bad today as yesterday.  Hopefully things will just get easier and I can stop needing the Alleve in the afternoon.

Coleslaw with pickled radishes

Coleslaw with pickled radishes:

Part of the paleo approach is eating with the seasons. This isn’t a requirement, but always a nice to have. This helps keep variety in our diets and keep us from loading up too much on any one food source. This recipe uses all items in season in October in Arizona.

Note: I don’t measure so hopefully you know what you like and how much of stuff to use.

Basic coleslaw mix:


– Green Cabbage 1 head with core removed

– Carrots

– Celery

– Red Bell Pepper (caution this is a nightshade so you’ll want to omit if you’re avoiding them as part of your challenge)

Take these ingredients and put them through a food processor, mandolin or a knife and cut into little strips. You’ve seen coleslaw before right?


Dressing (this is homemade mayonnaise):

– Egg yolks

– Juice of about half a lime or lemon

– Olive oil

This is done with a food processor, or with a wire whisk and bowl if you’re hardcore. Take the egg yolks (I used 2 yolks for one cabbage heads worth of coleslaw) add the juice and mix together. Don’t need to go crazy, just a few pulses in your food processor if you have one. If you don’t have a food processor this part is tough. With your food processor spinning away (or with your whisk is hand stirring away) very slowly stream in the olive oil. The oil should not be seen pooling it should fold in almost immediately. You’ll keep adding oil until the mixture has a mayo like consistency. BE CAREFUL if you mix too long or add too much oil, the mayo will separate and that is really uncool. I then throw in salt, pepper, garlic or whatever dry spice suits me. Experiment, enjoy.

Radish Pickles:

– Radishes, sliced

– Green onions (scallions)

This is just a simple quick pickle and way to add something zippy to such ingredients like radishes. Take the sliced radishes and onions in a bowl and liberally apply salt, kosher preferably. Let them sit for about an hour. Then drain off most of the excess water that will come out due to the salting. Don’t squeeze them or rinse them, just dump out the water in the bottom of the bowl. Then add white (or other) vinegar to cover. Let those sit for a few hours or overnight.

Mix all the parts together and enjoy. This does get better with a night in the fridge, like fresh salsa.


Day 0: 30 Day paleo diet challenge.

Day 0, not a cakewalk. Stuck with the diet, but the lack of caffeine has been brutal. Now I’ve got to get ready for tomorrow! Day 1 for all you folks is tomorrow! Get moving, get ready, stay tough, get better!

A failure to plan is a plan for failure!

Tomorrow is Day 0 of the challenge (I’m starting a day early).
– Eggs made in bacon fat and a few slices of avocado and apple
– Slices of crockpot beef in left over butternut squash soup
– Baby bock choy from the farmers market wilted with some browned ground turkey.
– I’ve also got my suppelements fish oil and vit D3 all ready to go!

2 Full Days Left – 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Well the first round of the 30 day paleo challenge starts Tuesday October 26th.  Are you prepared?

To help everyone I’m going to actually start a day early, and try to detail my preparations to give ideas for others.  Also I’m going to triple post these updates; so I’ll be everywhere and equally annoying in places.

I’ll be posting here on my blog, the 30 Day Paleo Challenge Facebook Page, and my twitter account.

So this fine Sunday morning I am off to the farmer’s market @ the NW corner of 48th st and Warner, then off to the state fair to go look at the animals, some of which may become available at a farmers market in not too long as food.

On that subject, don’t shy away from the way you get your food.  The beauty of a farmer’s market is you can ask, “how were the hens that laid these eggs treated?”  If you don’t get an answer that you feel ok with, keep moving.  The fact is, the animals that feed us (and are fed by us) can live lives that while not to old age, are built into their genes and they are the cowiest, chickenest, or piggiest existences they can be.  If you’ve seen “Food Inc.”, which I recommend, you know they’re lives are not that way in commercial production.  If you can’t afford, or choose not to, the higher cost of farmer’s market meat, that’s fine, but don’t do it blindly.  If you take you’re meat dollars out of the Wal-Mart (or whole foods) commercial meat production, then you display your displeasure.

There’s nothing evil about cheap food of any kind, nor any moral grace about more expensive food (even those “free range” Rosie chickens are not old time farm chickens).  So think about trying a farmer’s market, and asking tough questions.  Some people are happy to tell you all about it, others aren’t.  Vote with your wallet.  How do you want animals raised that you eat?  There’s no right answer, just preference.

Arizona Farmers Markets