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CNU’s Training For The Week Ahead

Sunday (8-15): Long sunrise hike in the moutains with the dog.  The farmer’s market is just a few miles from the trailhead so this should be a good Sunday morning ritual!  See how the puppies paws hold up to the trail.

Monday (8-16): Mile morning run with the dog, 4 rounds of 20 abmat situps on the evening.  Seems light, but last weeks toes to rings are still hurting CNUs abs, so I want to make sure he’s useful for the rest of the week.

Tuesday (8-17): Mile morning walk, heavy deadlifts in the evening, planned max of 220lb for 2 reps, 10lb higher than last week.

Wednesday (8-18): Mile morning run, evening workout; slow light squat, situp couplet (3 rounds 20 situps, 15 squats (95lb)).  The purpose is two fold, one to keep good movement and work out any soreness from Tuesday and keep the total volume up.

Thursday (8-19): Mile morning walk, evening light overhead press, 4 rounds 20 reps, bar only.  This is to work on stabilizing CNUs shoulders to help reduce chances of future injury during rock climbing.

Friday (8-20): Mile morning run.

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