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Client Numero Uno – New PR

Well in yesterday’s max effort indoor climbing session, CNU complete his highest rated route ever at 5.10c!  While it wasn’t the cleanest run and there were some falls and stalls, he got the to top!  That route will definitely be back in a future climbing session to send it (climb without fall or stall).

CNU attempted the 5.10b he’d gone in for and an unfortunate hold twist (the hold twisted on the wall, which doesn’t happen outdoors) he got a little spun up and couldn’t complete the route.  This brings up an excellent point of training however.  In future climbing sessions, we may put in some sort of training to practice the ability to self-calm and not let the adrenaline negatively affect the climbing.  I’m not quite sure how to do that yet, but I’ll have to look into it.

Well that’s all for this post, hope you see a new personal record in your endeavors!

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