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Client Numero Uno – Goals

I have posited that monomania* is a key characteristic of really successful people.  These types of folks cannot stop focusing on their chosen focus.  Lance Armstrong may be a good example.  It seems that despite his getting older and his peak condition perhaps behind him, he has a tough time letting go of the sport by cycling.  I think this is true of many elite professionals, whose down right obsession with their profession is a key element in their success.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I am many thing, monomaniacal isn’t one of them.  If anything I’ve got a history of being the opposite, unable to focus on any one thing for very long at all.  You know how kids want to be every imaginable profession when they “grow up”?  Well I”m 30 and still feel that way. (*I use this term as focus at the expense of most other things in a person’s life, not the psychotic disorder.)

I’m wildly jealous of such irretrievably focused people.  I would never want to be one.  Yeah that’s right, I’m jealous of the outcome that such focus brings, but frankly I don’t care to focus my life into one narrow area.  The question, I suppose, is how to balance between wanting to do it all and wanting to do only one thing.  The one nice thing about being older is being closer to death.  This is nice as it finally pushes you to value your time.  I’ve never really valued my time nearly enough.  I’ve spent most of my life waiting for something, though never sure what that something was.  I’ve started about half a dozen blogs and never stuck with them for instance.  This blog already has more content than they did.  It is with this knowledge of my history of failure to achieve fleeting goals that I try to separate myself from a responsibility as my trainer.  I know it likely sounds schizo, but I’m really hoping it will produce results.  With that, I will now look at Client Numero Uno’s goals.

CNU has been indoor rock climbing for the past few months and has really enjoyed it.  He’s been flirting with 5.10a top rope climbs and V0+ bouldering problems.  CNU would like to get better at climbing in hopes of climbing 5.9+ routes on outdoor climbs in the fall and spring.  CNU has some history of back packing and would like to get in shape to do some long haul (3 or more day) trips in the early fall when things here in Arizona finally cool down.

Like anyone, CNU is interested in “looking good naked”.  CNU has significant fat around the midsection.  This is both problematic from the matter of appearance as well as being a risk factor for health problems in the future.

CNU has listed a number of other goals such as getting back on his mountain bike, getting some self-defense or martial arts training, trail running, olympic weightlifting and other areas of interest.  Since the list is so very long it’s necessary to pair it back to some reasonable and complimentary goals that will keep the client engaged and excited as well as move forward into other areas of interest as his capacity builds.

The first sport specific area we’re going to focus on is rock climbing.  CNU has a good group of climbing partners and a regular schedule.  This commitment helps to support ongoing adherence and improvement.  To help push that adherence, we’ll keep his current two day per week climbing schedule, though the focus of each session may change.  In addition to the focus of rock climbing, we’ll focus on improving body composition.  This is important from a general health and fitness standpoint as well as aiding in rock climbing; less fat to haul of the rock.

So the next post in this series will lay out the baseline points for CNU.  We’ll get best effort climbing capabilities as well as detailed body measurements.  These will be used to help rate the effectiveness of the training and nutrition protocols that we’ll be using on down the line.  I’m pretty excited about what I’m going to be able to do for this, my first client.  I’m hoping that improving diet and exercise will prove to help motivate and improve CNU’s capabilities and push him towards his goals.

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