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Client Numero Uno

As an editorial note, I will be getting back to the “Nutrition Counter Culture” series, but not today.

One of the things I hope I’ve made obvious is that the process of self-interrogation (not the CIA kind) and personal improvement is important to me. This goes back to the concept of enlightenment and going beyond “self-incurred immaturity.” Kant’s word choice is a bit antique and maybe a bit vague. I take it to mean that there is a highest level of development that we are each able to achieve, when were aren’t their were still not fully matured.

Ability if a funny thing. If a mother lifts a car off her child under dire circumstances would it be reasonable to say that she is capable of lifting cars? I suppose the answer is yes, under the right circumstances, she is capable of lifting a car. So, two questions face us, “What are we capable of?” and “What the our ideal circumstances to make us the most capable?”

Client Numero Uno is me. I am my first training client. I intended to take this client to his goals by pushing him towards his maximum capability and finding what circumstances get him to that capability. I’m talking all third person here because if I have any chance of success as a “life coach” I must maintain a distance and objectivity to my subject. Can I do that with myself? Excellent question.

I am going to address the client (hereinafter CNU for Client Numero Uno) in a systematic building block way. The first stage is to figure out what CNU’s goals are and if those are reasonable and appropriate goals. The second stage is to see where CNU is relative to those goals. The last part of the planning stage is prioritizing CNU’s goals and developing a map for achieving them. After that it’s likely to be a lot of tweaking, learning, unlearning and rethinking.

I think that CNU’s starting point and goals will be familiar to a lot of people and it’ll be useful to look at his goals, legitimate and otherwise and see if I can find a path for him that might just work for you.

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