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In the beginning

In the beginning there was darkness, then there was light.  I’m of the opinion that the light of individual liberty is the lamp which shows the way to both personal happiness as well as justice and truth.

Despite this obscure opening post, this blog is intended to document what I know, what I think, and what I find out about a number of subjects.  I believe I stand on the shoulders of other wise people.  I want to bring what seem like unique lines of thought and  areas of investigation into a single point of view.

I’ve come to believe that there is a holistic view of family, nutrition, exercise, and politics that can lead us towards our best selves, if not our best lives.  There exists in the course of human evolution lessons learned by countless billions that in some small ways inform our instincts and biological nature.  It is the view of life through this lens of human evolution and progress that I think is just beginning to reopen our eyes.  It may just be that in my own life time we see health, happiness, and the general quality of life improve due to little more than the choice to have it so.

This opening does little to reveal what follows, but I hope my prose will pique interest enough to see what’s next.

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